We are curly hair specialists who specialize in naturally wavy, curly & coily hair.

Here our haircuts are performed on detangled dry waves, curls or coils in their natural state. A wonderful and relaxing wash and styling process is then performed with the addition of deep conditioners always available. We dry the hair first under a hooded dryer to minimize frizz and if needed finish with diffusing the rest. Once the curls are all dry, we perform a touch up service on the cut making sure all imperfections are removed, the results are beautiful, healthy and shaped curls that will fall the same way once the process is repeated at home. Unlike wet cut where the curls are cut stretched and the end results are never as expected.

We also offer the Pintura Highlighting technique customized to each individual curl pattern. This is a freehand technique of painting each individual curl lighter or darker to enhance the natural movement. This results in a more natural look, easier and softer grow out, and is less damaging than the foil technique.

We use 100% sulfate, silicone & paraben free Devacurl and AG Hair Care for all our wash and styling processes. For our colors we use the Italian color brand Aloxxi which is infused with butter and healthy oils to maintain the health of the hair during color services.